L’emploi informel dans le delta du fleuve rouge

  • « Une analyse comparative entre milieu urbain et rural à partir de l’enquête VHLSS2004 »
    Nguyen Huu Chi
    (doctorant FSP2S, Paris 13 / NEU-Hanoï)

    Date 11 / 2008

    Archive Session 1



    This paper is addressed at the questions on the employment and income on the informal sector market in the Red River Delta (Vietnam) in both rural and urban areas. The different point from our approach in comparison with prior studies is that we consider the informal sector and employment not only the phenomenon of urban area but also of rural area. For this reason, with regard to the employment aspect, we attempt to figure out some quantitative images on informal employment and earning in a comparative analysis between rural and urban areas in the Red River Delta. It can be seen from the findings that an substantial fraction of workers being employed with informal jobs both in rural and urban areas of this densely populated region. Gender, age and education are significantly related factors to the engagement of workers in informal employment and the difference between rural and urban Red River Delta is revealed by the effects of dummies for provinces and industries. Results also raise a question: can the pattern of informal employment by provinces be explained by the phenomenon of rural-urban temporary migration in the region?

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